Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design

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The DSD is a digital planning tool, widely used in aesthetic dentistry to evaluate the aesthetic relationship between teeth, gums, face and smile. The DSD is considered as one of the latest innovations in Modern Dentistry. The DSD software helps in creating whiter and aesthetically pleasing smiles that meets the patient’s expectation in enhancing their facial appearance.

How DSD software works?

The DSD software works by creating lines and digital drawings that are placed on the intraoral and extra oral photographs of the patients. The use of DSD provides dentists and technicians a new perspective toward diagnosis and treatment planning thus enhancing the communication between patients, dentists and technicians.

The advantage of using DSD definitely diminishes clinical errors and inadequate patient to clinical communication. However accurate digital planning involves precise photographs that helps the patient visualize beforehand and involves trying creating their own smiles.

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