Painless Dentistry

Painless Dentistry

Painless Dentistry

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We live in an exciting era practising dentistry and constantly finding innovative ways to help patients overcome the fear of the ‘Dentist’. Patients who have avoided visiting the dentist can come in for a routine cleaning or even a more advanced procedure and not worry about the pain. If anxiety has kept you away from the dental chair- now is the time to book an appointment with us for a complete pain- free experience.

There are different levels of sedation involved in painless dentistry.

Minimal – the patient is awake but remains calm.

Moderate – the patient is awake but not fully aware.

Deep – the patient remains awake but with less consciousness.

General Anesthesia – patient is completely unconscious.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is painless dentistry?

Painless dentistry also called Sedation dentistry uses safe and mild form of sedation to calm the patient before the procedure. This kind of approach not only eliminates anxiety and fear but also numbs the treatment area. By the time the sedation wears off, the treatment is completed and the patient is ready to go home.

Is painless dentistry safe?

Absolutely, sedation dentistry has been practiced by dentists for many decades and newer techniques are continuously being evolved. Come and speak to us and we can provide you with various suggestions on how to make your visit as painless as possible.