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Toothsi pioneers at-home smile makeover service and have designed more than 25,000 smiles since inception in 2018. With more than 1000 staffs they are expanded over 11 cities, Toothsi uses world class 3D technology to customize and digitally print aligners in industrial grade machines with CE and FDA approved sheets to ensure consistent and precise moulds.

Modus Operandi

Superlative smile correction is done within 6 months, thanks to the insistence on customization and a well equipped team which has mastered treatment planning protocols and in-depth domain knowledge.

The 3D machine rotates around the head to take pictures of teeth, jaw and skull and produces around 100 to 600 images, where one is exposed to minimum radiation. The assessment is done at the comfort of one’s own residence.

A virtual image of how the teeth might look after being straightened enables the client to edit and control how they want the teeth to appear. Customization is optimized when one could move a single tooth in desired direction in a desired distance. The software is sent to manufacturing centre which makes aligners accordingly. The 3D visual assessment is free and one could pay only after approval and in instalments.

The aligners are painless, light weight, transparent, flexible, durable, tasteless, stain resistant and BPA free with no irritation whatsoever.

Dental monitoring minimizes visits to the clinic and shows results in a quicker pace. The tooth is monitored weekly and one could also travel abroad while on treatment. The regularly uploaded image ensures that the treatment is moving on the right track and ensures comprehensive communication with the orthodontist.


Besides aesthetic appeal, it treats overbites and underbites and creates corrections to avert health complications such as teeth damage during grinding, jaw pain and headaches, difficulty in conversation and possibilities of teeth and gum disease.